Estimation Software Built for Painters: : All the tools for painting contractors to succeed.

From prep time to customer approval, PaintScout gives your estimators the ability to create accurate and professional estimates each time.


Professional estimates for painting contractors

Accurate production rates for painting contractors

Production rates: : Accurate pricing for painting contractors.

Whether you calculate by a square foot per hour, dollar per square foot, or just estimating by hours of materials—PaintScout can handle that. With the ability to set customized rates for each of your areas of production by surface or by the type of area you’re painting.


Paint Volumes: : Calculate Paint Volumes (if you so desire)

PaintScout will automatically calculate how much paint you need by surface; you have the ability to control that any way you like. Paint volumes can be set by default or individually as you create your estimate.

Painting software that calculates paint volumes

Create work orders for painting crew

Work Orders: : Get your time back.

Save time, effort and potential confusion as you create a work order while creating your estimate. Multitask like a pro, and then easily send it to your crew, and there you go, communication solved.


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Painting Variables: : Address all your painting variables with PaintScout.

Every paint job is a little different, and PaintScout takes that into consideration. Whether it’s the number of paint coats or how much prep time, you can easily account for all of these details.

Estimation and sales software for painting contractors variables

Painting Contractor using estimation software
"With PaintScout, we run more bids in a week, yielding more time for bonding with customers and follow-up activities leading to more sales."
Gavin - Webfoot Painting

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