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Success Story

Jondec Painting

“A Finely-tuned Painting Experience.”

Chris from Jondec Painting

Closing bids quicker with the help of PaintScout.

The Situation

Founded in 1987, Jondec has a successful track record in Chicago’s south suburbs, being the top-rated painting contractor on Google, Facebook, Houzz, and many other review platforms. One of their competitive advantages has been their ability to stay on the leading edge of technology and industry trends. In 2018, Jondec decided to use PaintScout to continue their desire for finely tuned service and to take their sales technology to the next level. They have found 3 significant benefits over their previous estimation system with this decision:

1. Real-time activity tracking

Sending estimates and not knowing if prospective clients have received them is frustrating at the best of times. Especially when you’re trying to gauge where a prospect stands in your sales process. Before PaintScout, Jondec was having trouble knowing when to follow up with prospective clients after onsite estimate appointments. With PaintScout, the Jondec team has better insight into their customer’s experience as they can view in real-time the interaction clients have with their estimates and invoices. Chris Piatt, Estimator/Sales Manager for Jondec, says that this feature brings the sales team out of the dark with their customers, positively impacting the sales process. Seeing how clients interact with estimates and invoices has been a considerable improvement to the sales team. Chris says that “It’s a tool that comforts the sales team when making follow-up calls.”

2. Close deals faster with quick onsite estimate creation

Often, going from estimate to project acceptance can be lengthy. Usually, estimate building involves a multi-step process; meeting with the potential client onsite, building the proposal at the office and then sending it off. Jondec’s sales team had noticed that before using PaintScout, the time to create and send an estimate could take several days. Now, when using PaintScout, Jondec has been “more efficient in closing bids quicker with the help of PaintScout,” says Chris. With PaintScout, their team can create and send accurate proposals onsite. Since switching to PaintScout, the Jondec team has experienced a massive improvement in their productivity and getting professional proposals “out the door.”

Even in a year as strange as 2020, Jondec has maintained its revenue; Chris attributes this to their ability to close proposals faster with PaintScout’s software.

3. Better customer service with the ability to update estimates in real-time

It can be a timely process for estimators that need to address the requests for changes from potential clients on their estimates. Whether it’s work added or removed from the estimate or modifications to a project’s scope, there can be many phone calls or back and forth emails. Before PaintScout, the estimators at Jondec often experienced the back-and-forth conversations and the time it takes to change an estimate for a client. With PaintScout, it has impacted their sales process because the requested changes can be made quickly and seen by the client in real-time, easing the need for lengthy email threads. Chris says, “we are spending less time revising existing proposals when customers request changes to the scope.”

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Is it time to join Jondec and make your painting business better? There’s no time like the present!

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