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Mike’s Quality Painting, Albuquerque, NM

Painting Contractor using PaintScout


Slogan: “Friendly, fast, & high-quality painters you can trust”

Service area: Albuquerque, NM and Santa Fe, NM

Specialties: Interior/exterior residential and commercial painting, disinfecting services, and concrete floors.

Company size: 60+ staff members.

The number of years in business: 10 years

The Situation:

Mike’s Quality Painting has been voted the best painting contractor in Albuquerque, New Mexico—three years running. With its reputation for high-quality work, a great team and being the best in the business, Mike’s Quality Painting values staying up-to-date with the best tools and software for their business. In 2017 after 7 years in business, Mike’s Quality Painting decided to use PaintScout for their sales team to continue growing and fix the problems they experienced with the previous software. Here are the 3 fundamental needs they were able to address:

1. Continuous uptime.

Before PaintScout, Mike’s Quality Painting worked with software that they found unreliable. It would crash unexpectedly, often leaving them without access to the software during estimates. Since choosing PaintScout, Mike’s Quality has seen that they can rely on 100% uptime (with internet or without). Giving them confidence at estimate appointments and building relationships with clients instead of worrying whether they have access to their estimating software.

2. Easy to learn and train.  

Training staff on new software, whether they have experience as painting estimators or new to the industry, is time-consuming and costly. This fact is all too well known by Miriam Freeman, Owner, Sales/Marketing and Office Manager at Mike’s Quality Painting, who manages their 4-person sales team. She says the impact PaintScout has had on their sales process has been huge. Miriam notes, “it is easier to train a new salesperson who knows nothing about painting and to be accurate on our quotes. They are also professional when selling to a customer and able to close the deal right on-the-spot!” (bonus!)

“It is easier to train a new salesperson who knows nothing about painting and to be accurate on our quotes.”

-Miriam Freeman

3. Software built for painting contractors.

Estimating a paint job accurately with consistent profitability can be difficult. This means that being accurate with any estimate is critical to the project’s success. Before PaintScout, Mike’s Quality Painting had this exact issue.

Some estimates would produce a profitable project while other times it would not, mostly due to the inability to be accurate with their previous software. Now with PaintScout, this has all changed. Miriam says that the most significant improvement to their business since using PaintScout is creating more detailed and accurate estimates. She says their estimates aren’t really ‘estimates’ anymore since they can be so accurate. “[Our Estimates are] more accurate because [they] have production rates and good details [within the estimates] that we can trust.”

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Is it time to join Mike’s Quality Painting and make your painting business better? Here at PaintScout, we work every day with painting contractors all over North America who want to be better. So, there is no time like the present. To join PaintScout, click here and get yourself on your way to better estimating and sales success.

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