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Success Story

Nolan Painting

“Improving Homes & Neighborhoods Since 1979”

Jim from Nolan Painting

Experienced an increase in sales of $1.5 million since using PaintScout.

The Situation

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, chances are you’ve either experienced the top-notch work of Nolan Painting on your house or you know someone who has. With a legacy dating back to 1979, Nolan Painting boasts an impressive history of excellence in the painting industry. As one of the largest residential painting companies in the USA, they’ve tried various estimating software systems before finding their match with PaintScout in 2017. Let’s dive into the three key needs PaintScout addressed for Nolan Painting:

1. Quick, accurate estimates

When you produce 4,000+ estimates every year with a team of 6 estimators, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance for every estimate. Jim Falk, a Senior Estimator with Nolan Painting, says that PaintScout has refined its estimating process by “enabling each salesperson to develop accurate and detailed scopes and proposals quickly.” Since the sales team has been able to be more accurate with their quotes, it has created consistency for the sales team and ultimately saved many hours of work time.

2. Software that allows for growth

Nolan Painting faced a growth roadblock with their previous software, a non-cloud-based system that fell short on facilitating global changes and effective team management. Since using PaintScout, Nolan Painting is finding it easy to manage their sales team and keep everyone organized. Now, they can easily see the path to growth in the future! The impact PaintScout has had on the company is significant with an increase in sales of $1.5 million in the first two years since using PaintScout!

3. Profitability on every project

With a sales team as large as Nolan Painting, it can be difficult to ensure consistency. To streamline your processes, you need a top-notch estimation software that’s both reliable and accurate. This is exactly what Nolan Painting found PaintScout to be! With PaintScout in their toolkit, the sales team at Nolan Painting now relies on estimates that are not only consistently accurate but also predictably profitable every single time.

Nolan Painting logo

It’s time to join Nolan Painting and make your painting business better! Get on your way to better estimating and sales success today.

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Establish a pricing system to help you grow.

Our software allows you to establish a streamlined system to price your jobs, so you can focus on growing the business.

Get consistent (and profitable) results.

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You’re either working on your own or with a small team, all while going through the challenges of growing a business (like knowing the going production rates or how to determine a profitable hourly rate).


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You’re an experienced business owner who spends your days speaking to department heads, expanding your team, performing estimates, and making sales and follow-up calls.


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PaintScout helps you streamline the sales and estimation process, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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Never stress about the ‘day-to-day’.

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