Growing Sales and Production Through Consistent Painting Estimation 

Nolan Painting—Havertown, PA

Painting Contractor using estimation software


Slogan: “Improving Homes & Neighborhoods Since 1979”
Service area: Main Line, Philadelphia, and Philadelphia suburbs for 42 years.
Specialties: Interior and exterior residential painting, light commercial painting, wood replacement, plaster and stucco repair, carpentry work and more.
Company size: 100+, including staff
The number of years in business: 42 years with 36,725 homes painted and counting since 1979.

The situation:

Chances are, if you live in the Philadelphia area, you have either had your house painted by Nolan Painting or know someone who has. With 42 years of painting excellence in Philadelphia, Nolan Painting has a longstanding and successful history within the painting industry. It is one of the largest residential painting companies in the USA. Before using PaintScout, Nolan Painting had tried other estimating software systems available to the painting industry. Some systems were found not to be detailed enough, while others seemed overly cumbersome. In their decision to implement PaintScout in 2017, we were able to address three fundamental needs for Nolan Painting:

1. Quick, accurate estimates

When you produce 4,000+ estimates every year with a team of 6 estimators, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance for every estimate. Jim Falk, a Senior Estimator with Nolan Painting, says that PaintScout has refined its estimating process by “enabling each salesperson to develop accurate and detailed scopes and proposals quickly.” Since the sales team has been able to be more accurate with their quotes, it has created consistency for the sales team and ultimately saved many hours of work time.

“Develop accurate and detailed scopes and proposals quickly.”

-Jim Falk

2. Software that allows for growth


Before using PaintScout, Nolan Painting was having trouble growing their sales team with the software they were using. This was because the software wasn’t cloud-based, didn’t allow for global changes to be made, and didn’t allow for excellent team management. Since using PaintScout, Nolan Painting is finding it easy to manage their sales team and keep everyone organized and they can easily see the path to growth in the future. The impact PaintScout has had on the company is significant, there has been an increase in sales of $1.5 million since using PaintScout.

“Increase in sales of $1.5 million since using PaintScout”

-Jim Falk

3. Profitability on every project

Having six salespeople estimating projects for the same company, as Nolan Painting does, it is difficult to streamline the process where you are consistently getting accurate quotes from all salespeople. In order to adequately manage a sales team that big, you need a reliable and accurate estimation software. This is exactly what Nolan Painting found PaintScout to be! With PaintScout, the Nolan Painting sales team has counted on consistently predictable and profitable estimates every time.

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