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PaintScout is an all-in-one system that gives you everything you need to stay on top of projects, hit deadlines, manage teams and reach your sales goals.


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Fully Mobile

Work where you want, when you want.

With information stored in the cloud, you can create estimates in minutes, on site or at the office, with or without internet access.

Customer Support

Get up to speed quickly and effectively

No software required. Set-up and training is always included and ongoing support is an email or phone call away.

Intuitive Touch Interface

Mobile-friendly design for easy training and on site use.

Work directly with your customer to estimate the job and get approval on the spot with built-in signature functionality for tablets and mobile phones.


Sales Tracking

Better understand your business and get paid on time.

See when customers view estimates and for how long, and keep track of stats like close rate & average estimate price.

Team Tracking

Manage estimator performance and track sales statistics in real time.

Control which estimators & crew can see which estimates.

Admin Controls

Easily manage your PaintScout account.

Enforce the company rates, pricing, and other settings your organization requires.

See estimates being sent & accepted as you are in the office, and understand how people are using PaintScout (and selling jobs) across your team.

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Easy Estimating

Create consistent estimates every time and sell more projects.

By using rates that work for your business you can create estimates quickly, easily, and beautifully.

Complete Customization

Get a system that works for you.

PaintScout is easily configurable to your unique rates, pricing, products, contract types, estimate templates and other extras.

Customer Options

Customize your offer for every customer.

Easily add optional work to help your customers decide & accept estimates.

Email estimates to customers with or without pictures, and walk through estimates together with the ability to hide pricing.


Advanced Rate Calculator

Create rates that work for you.

Know why you charge what you charge, adjust rates seasonally and get the price you deserve.

Integrated Solution

Build your price when you build your proposal.

Pricing is built into the estimate so there is no need to rely on third party software or spreadsheets, keeping you organized, reducing mistakes and saving you time and money.

Instant Invoicing

Get paid faster.

Instantly create and send invoices and track payments from customers quickly and easily.

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Work Orders

Give your crew easy to understand work orders and bring the job in on plan

As you build estimates a work order is created to reflect the work including relevant pictures, paint colors and paint quantity calculations, keeping your crew in the loop so they know what supplies and materials to bring to a job.


Speed up the estimated process for work you do often.

Turn common estimates into templates your whole team can use, so estimates get done smoothly every time.

Proposals and Presentations

Sell your company with pride.

Produce modern, professional estimates, branded to your company that will set you apart from the competition.

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