PaintScout Helps You Be a Better Painting Contractor.

PaintScout is an estimation, sales, proposal, invoicing and work order software for painting contractors designed for you to take your painting business to the next level.


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Paint estimating software for painting contractors

Painting contractor using PaintScout paint estimating software

Built For Painting Contractors to Succeed

As a painting contractor, you have special needs, like prep times, paint volumes, work orders, colors, measuring by area, and so much more. PaintScout makes implementing all these variables a breeze.


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Proposals That Beat the Competition… With Ease

When you have a proposal that is easy to understand and sells your company, your close rate goes up. PaintScout Web Proposals do just that and are easy to set up and send.


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Create crew work orders and painting estimates with paint estimation software

Get the Job Done Right With Clear Work Orders.

When you have the ability to give your team clear work orders, the job will get done right the first time. With PaintScout, you can give your crew clear and detailed work orders to set them up for success.


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Simple Tools For Better Customer Experience

With tools like adding options, showing pictures and videos, customized pricing, grouping areas together and substrate view—PaintScout allows you to show your customer a more tailored estimate to suit their needs


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Paint estimation software for better painting contractors

Invoicing system for top paint estimation software

Invoice. And Get Paid.

You can now instantly create and send invoices faster to secure payments quickly. With instant invoicing, you can also track payments from customers, staying on top of your business.


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Business Has Never Been better

Client payment options for better painting contractors

Integrated Solution

Build your work order like you build your estimate.

By allowing you to create your work order and estimate at the same time, PaintScout saves you hours of work and opportunities for missed communication.

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Advanced rate calculator for painting contractors

Advanced Rate Calculator

Create rates that work for you.

Easily add and adjust production rates in order to ensure consistent estimates.

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Instant invoicing system for painting contractors

Instant Invoicing

Get paid faster.

Instantly create and send invoices with the ability to add more work as needed and get it digitally signed by your customer.

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PaintScout Web Presentations sell your painting business

Proposals and Presentations

Sell your company with pride.

Create beautiful proposals and give professional sales presentations customized to your brand, setting you apart from the competition.

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Templates for the most common painting jobs


Speed up the estimate process for the work you do most often.

Turn common estimates into templates that your whole team can use, so your estimates are completed smoothly every time.

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PaintScout customer support

Customer Support

Get up to speed quickly and effectively.

No software required. Choose the level of set-up and training required for your business, in order to get set up quickly. Online customer support is only an email away.

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On-site painting estimation software

Intuitive Touch Interface

Mobile-friendly design for on-site estimating.

Work directly with your customer to create estimates that meet their needs while you are on-site. Get instant approval with on-the-spot signature capability.

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Sales for better painting contractors

Sales Tracking

Better understand your sales team.

You can keep track of stats, including close rate, dollars closed, percent of dollars closed and estimates open

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painting estimator performance tracking

Team Management

Manage sales team

Track and improve your teams’ performance, by reviewing stats and getting a clear view of all estimates that are being done.

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