Estimation software for “Seriously Great Painters.”

Webfoot Painting –Bend, OR

Painting Contractor using estimation software


Slogan: “Seriously Great Painters”

Service area: Bend, Oregon and the surrounding areas.

Specialties: Interior/exterior residential and commercial painting and carpentry services

Company size: 100+ staff members.

The number of years in business: 17

The situation:

Founded in 2003, Webfoot Painting is one of the leaders for painting services in Bend, Oregon and surrounding areas. In 2018, Webfoot Painting was looking for a new software solution for their sales team to estimate projects while keeping their sales and production teams on the same page. After evaluating the options available, Webfoot decided to join PaintScout.  With PaintScout Webfoot Painting was able to address 3 fundamental needs:

1. Accurately price projects onsite with customers.


Before PaintScout, Webfoot Painting estimators had a problem; they could not produce estimates entirely onsite. This meant taking notes on site and having the second step of “often needing more office time to fine-tune [the] proposals,” says Gavin, Director of Sales at Webfoot. Now, with PaintScout, Webfoot can create estimates entirely onsite while all while with customers. The impact of this is that PaintScout “allows us to run more bids in a week and yielded more time for bonding with customers and follow-up activities. Ultimately leading to more sales.”


“PaintScout software allows us to run more bids in a week and yielded more time for bonding with customers and follow-up activities. Ultimately leading to more sales.”

-Gavin Hepp

2. Grow sales with consistent results: 

After just over a year of using PaintScout, Webfoot has seen a 19 percent growth rate in sales. Gavin Hepp, Director of Sales at Webfoot Painting, attributes this to winning more bids by pricing projects quickly and spending more time building long-lasting customer relationships. The overall decrease in the amount of time it takes to create a proposal has also impacted the number of bids they can now produce. By streamlining their estimation process with PaintScout, Webfoot can use their time more efficiently and grow their operations.

“Webfoot has grown 19% in 2020 [while using PaintScout]!”

-Gavin Hepp

3. Produce jobs accurately by sharing project information.

When there is a disconnect between sales and production, it leads to extra costs due to errors. This was also a critical concern for Webfoot Painting as they produce lots of projects per week. With PaintScout, Webfoot has been able to put web links to estimates and work orders in their digital job folder, which their crews can view in the field. Also, adding pictures to the estimates and work orders has helped the production team. Gavin says that the “ease of including pictures within proposals and the speed of creating job folders with the live web links in PaintScout has significantly improved our communication.”

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Is it time to join Webfoot and make your painting business better? Here at PaintScout, we work every day with painting contractors all over North America who want to be better. So, there is no time like the present. To join PaintScout, click here and get yourself on your way to better estimating and sales success.

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