Committed to Being the Best For 114 years. 

A.G. Williams Painting Company – Pelham, NY

Painting Contractor using estimation software


Slogan: “Painting with pride and passion since 1906.”

Service area: Serving Westchester and Fairfield counties in New York.

Specialties: Commercial painting, residential painting and floor coatings.

Company size: 80+ staff members

The number of years in business: 114 years and counting!

The situation: 

After 112 years in business, the A.G. Williams Painting Company was searching for new painting estimation software that could meet its historic business’s needs and would allow for future growth. After reviewing the options available, A.G. Williams chose to use PaintScout, but not before considering a couple of critical areas of need.

1.  Making sure contracts get signed—every time. 

Before using PaintScout, A.G. Williams had the ongoing struggle of getting approved contracts signed by clients. Sometimes, it would get done, but most of the time, it was a struggle since it had to be done manually. Now, with PaintScout, the A.G. Williams’ team has an improved and easier way of getting client signatures on contracts, on the spot, on a tablet or by signature online on web proposals. George Williams, President and CEO, notes that “now with PaintScout, [A.G. Williams] is at 100% of contracts that are accepted, get signed.” More specifically, PaintScout has “given [A.G. Williams’] clients an easy way to view and sign off on contracts,” leading to more sales, quicker.

“100% of contracts that are accepted, get signed.”

-George Williams

2. Sales management

Before using PaintScout, A.G. Williams kept track of sales team performance manually, and it took time. Now with PaintScout, George says that “the dashboard allows our team to see, in real-time, sales reps metrics.” George also identifies that using PaintScout “allows for sales reps to see when a client has viewed the contract and then follow-up in a timely manner.” He also says that using PaintScout in their everyday estimation process has made painting estimation more scalable for their business and allows for continued success.

“See in real-time, sales reps metrics.” 

-George Williams

3. Accountability: The ability to include pictures and videos on estimates

Before the decision to implement PaintScout, A.G. Williams had a difficult time tracking specific areas of concern directly on the clients’ estimates. Now, with PaintScout, the A.G. Williams’ team can insert pictures directly on the estimate, keeping everything organized and in one place. It has helped the team emphasize certain areas of concern identified by the estimator or client by inserting photos and videos.

Get Started!

Is it time to join A.G. Williams and make your painting business better? Here at PaintScout, we work every day with painting contractors all over North America who want to be better. So, there is no time like the present. To join PaintScout, click here and get yourself on your way to better estimating and sales success.

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