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PaintScout is Now Offering Financing through Wisetack

Wisetack makes it so much easier to close the deal, especially since there is no paperwork. It’s such an easy pitch because people don’t usually want to spend $5–7K all at once.

—Craig, Ellite Painting

Close more deals by offering financing to your customers (without ever leaving PaintScout).

Today, we’re launching a new financing feature to make your services more accessible to your clients.

With our NEW Wisetack integration, you can connect your clients to the finance they need to pay you over time, allowing you to land more jobs, more quickly.

Below, we’ll outline everything you need to know about this exciting new feature.

Benefits of flexible financing

What is Wisetack financing?

In PaintScout, you can now offer your clients the opportunity to pay you over time — using our new Wisetack integration.

Wisetack provides a way for clients who can’t afford a full deposit to obtain the finance they need to pay you for a job.

They receive a loan, pay installments over a period of time, and you get paid the full amount as soon as the work is complete.
So you never again have to worry about getting paid the full amount, on time.


Why you’ll love it

No more late payments.

Get paid quickly—as soon as the job is done. They’ll be no more tracking down customers for late payments.

More deals, more sales.

Close more sales with customers who don’t want to pay all at once. You’ll never have to discount again.

Your brand will be remembered.

Paying is stressful for many customers. Give them that easier option — and be remembered for the great experience you delivered.


How it works

Available for jobs between $500–$25,000:

  • Your customer applies for funding via the app — It’s an easy process, and the only cost to you is 3.9% per transaction.
  • Their purchase is confirmed — No prepayment fees. No late fees. No compounding interest.
  • You get the work done, the way you do it best — Your client will receive their funds, and then pay into escrow over time.
  • You get paid in full when the job is done — The money will hit your account 1-3 business days after job completion.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How does financing work?

PaintScout has partnered with Wisetack to offer a seamless financing experience for customers, allowing your business to receive payment when the job is done, while customers have the flexibility to pay over time.

Exploring financing options with PaintScout will not have any impact on a customer’s credit scores. There’s also no prepayment fees, late fees, or compounding interest to worry about.

All you have to do is send a financing application directly to the customer (via SMS). Within a minute, customers can apply, review their options, and securely confirm their loan and purchase using their own smartphone.

Please note that checking eligibility will not have any impact on a customer’s credit score. There’s also no prepayment penalties, late fees, or compounding interest your client has to worry about.

How will I know if my client’s finance was approved?

You will receive an email notification from us once your customer’s financing application is approved, as well as when they accept the terms they prefer.

For more detailed and up-to-date information about your transactions, you can easily access Wisetack’s merchant portal.

Where does the money go while I work?

The money is safely stored in an escrow account over time and will be released after completing the job.

How will I know when I get paid?

Your customer needs to confirm that you have completed the job by selecting ‘Done – Release Payment’ in the application. If they are not ready to confirm at the time of applying, they can return to the application later to provide the confirmation.

The funds should reach your account in 1-3 business days.

How do I set up the Wisetack integration?

Read our step-by-step guide on setting up the Wisetack integration where we outline the process of connecting, submitting pre-qualification, and initiating financing applications.

Any further questions?

You can read more frequently asked questions about financing right here.

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