Organize Your Quotes with Grouping!

The PaintScout team continuously pushes new features, improvements and bug fixes. So what’s new?





We think you’ll love the efficiency this feature offers. Ease the load of your quote making process by customizing items into groups. Keep your quotes better organized and present them in a way YOU want! There are countless ways to use this feature – here are a few examples:


  • Organizing quotes by floor or group parts of the home/rooms together


If you don’t want the customer picking apart each room price in the quote, select the rooms you want to group and display them all together with one price. Use the checkboxes on the left side of the quote to select items, then click “Group Items.”



A window will appear where you can add a title/name of the group. Use the editing tab to customize your description’s look by using bolding, underlining, italicizing, bullet points and more!



Click “Add Group,” and here is your finished result!



  • A type of “package” of items that have a reduced price altogether, or a markup!


Want to give a package discount to your customer? Select a bunch of items and easily change the total of the group. Either increase or decrease the price!





  • Group areas of the home that are to be painted the same colour


For example, grouping all “white areas” on the home’s exterior – including windows, door frames, trim and more!


+Learn more about how to use the grouping feature.

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