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Estimate painting projects in minutes.

Price all your painting jobs like a professional, with an easy-to-use platform that calculates estimates on-site for you in minutes, not hours.

touch interface

An interface that goes where you go.

Our user-friendly touch interface helps you quote jobs wherever you are in the world. No internet connection required.

Estimate jobs wherever

Estimate jobs wherever

PaintScout works on your phone, tablet, or desktop, so you can estimate in office or on-site.

Close deals on the spot

Close deals on the spot

Send a proposal and secure a deal on the spot, so you never miss an opportunity to grow.

Eliminate clunkiness forever

Eliminate clunkiness forever

Built for painting contractors, so you can organize your account the way you like it best.


Make quick and accurate estimates.

Completely customizable

Create tailored job templates for your most common projects, making the estimation process easy—every time.

Details pre-populated

Our platform will pre-populate common information and specs on your template, so you never forget the details.

Send estimates quickly

No more spending hours after work figuring out the cost of a job. Our app allows you to generate and send estimates in less than 5 minutes.

Hustle less. Achieve more.

Customer chat

Easy Communication

Send and follow up automatically.

Send customized proposals to your clients using the platform they’re comfortable with, and follow up automatically so you can close deals quicker.

Text Chat

Send proposals by email or text

Send tailored proposals to your clients the way that’s best for them — whether that’s a classic email or a quick text message.


Put follow-ups on ‘auto pilot’

We will send follow-up messages based on a schedule you set, with tailored messaging to help you close jobs automatically.

Hand shake

Close deals in your sleep

Clients can accept your proposal once your automatic follow-ups prompt them to sign —meaning you can close deals without even thinking about them.

You’ve grown your business considerably over the years, but you’re still doing everything — from sales, follow-ups, and marketing to customer service, estimations, and payroll.


Get more work done quicker.

PaintScout helps you close deals in minutes (not hours), providing laser-sharp estimates on the spot.

Establish a pricing system to help you grow.

Our software allows you to establish a streamlined system to price your jobs, so you can focus on growing the business.

Get consistent (and profitable) results.

Designed to consistently deliver a profitable result—helping your team deliver accurate estimates, close more deals, and build your brand.

You’re either working on your own or with a small team, all while going through the challenges of growing a business (like knowing the going production rates or how to determine a profitable hourly rate).


Become a business owner, not just a painter.

Go from painter to business owner, with a streamlined system to price more jobs, get more clients and build a brand people remember.

Stand out from your competition.

Get a cut above your competition early, with an automated system that sends customized proposals, follows up with clients, and closes deals.

Show your market who you really are.

Let PaintScout help you bring your service to more clients, so you can show your ideal clients that you are the contractor they need.

You’re an experienced business owner who spends your days speaking to department heads, expanding your team, performing estimates, and making sales and follow-up calls.


Create systems to make business easier.

PaintScout helps you streamline the sales and estimation process, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Build a reliable team you can trust.

Your team can send proposals and close deals in minutes — meaning you can ensure they’re able to carry the business forward.

Never stress about the ‘day-to-day’.

PaintScout helps you as a business owner focus on the big picture, with our proprietary estimation system taking care of everyday tasks.