Work Orders: Get detailed work orders in an instant.

Give your crew easy to understand work orders, making sure everyone is on the same page (before they step on-site.)


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Work orders and paint takeoff software for painting contractors

Paint Estimation software that creates work orders

Give Clear Directions From the Start.

You can give easy to understand work orders to the crew to get the job done right and on time.


When you create an estimate, you create a work order simultaneously. A work order can include, pictures, notes, paint colours and quantity calculations, ensuring that your crew is in the loop. Put your team on the path to success with detailed work orders.

Painting Contractor using estimation software
The "ease of including pictures within proposals and the speed of creating job folders with the live web links in PaintScout has significantly improved our communication," says Gavin Hepp, Webfoot Painting.
Gavin - Webfoot Painting

Give your crew only the information they need.

Don’t worry; work orders are for your eyes only. You have the control to provide your crew with the work order, the estimate or both. Therefore, keeping information private if you need to.

Painting estimation software built for better work orders

Paint Takeoffs for Painting Contractor

Give Your Crew the Details They Need.


Set your crew up for success (before they get to the job site). With PaintScout’s paint takeoffs, you can give your crew detailed instructions and information they need to be prepared for the job. The more details you add, the better success your crew will have. Detailed crew information means the job will get done right the first time and make your customers happy.

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