Team Management: Understand Your Sales Performance

Whether you’re just starting or have a team of estimators. PaintScout allows you to manage your sales process with more accuracy.


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Painting estimation software for painters

Estimate tracking for painting contractors

Know Where Your Estimates Stand

You can easily add reasons and descriptions to the painting proposal statuses or give your clients the ability to decline a proposal (and tell you why directly on the proposal.) Make your painting estimation process better with improved communication!

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Sales tracking software

Track Sales Performance 

Track your team’s sales performance by using the PaintScout dashboard. Understand the metrics so you and your sales team can achieve top performance.

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System Controls

PaintScout has two types of accounts that’ll work with your business: sales and superuser. As a superuser, you can access the company account settings and oversee your team’s estimates. The sales account only has access to their estimates and cannot adjust your company settings.

Painting Contractor using estimation software
"[Before PaintScout] receiving signed contracts was a struggle, but now with PaintScout we are at 100% of contracts accepted are signed. The dashboard also allows our team to see real-time [metrics for sales reps].”
George - A.G. WIlliams Painting Company

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