Sending, Receiving, Accepting: Send Your Proposals How You Want To

Make communication with your customer easy with different options for your proposal’s delivery.


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Easy software to send communication to painting contractor clients

Send painting estimations easier

Send Your Estimates by Email

Does your customer prefer good ol’ email communication? No problem, you can easily send your proposals via email. They’ll receive a live link and can open it in any web browser.

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Different options to send painting estimates

Send Your Estimates With a Text

Maybe your customer prefers a text instead? Your text message is sent by a generated number, where they can click the link and view the proposal.

Templates for better painting contractors

Create Email Templates

Do you have a specific message that you send along with a proposal?  Put it into your email template and eliminate the need to type it each time. Or do you want to keep your office team in the loop? You can also add additional email addresses to your template, so they’ll receive the proposal each time.

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