Welcome to PaintScout!

We’re happy to present our new and improved estimating app: PaintScout


We’re excited to share these brand updates and why we made them.


Some of you may be familiar with the name Quoter, GetQuoter, or TapTapQuote, but we have officially changed our name to PaintScout. We’re still the same awesome team, but we’ve been working hard on an all-new interface with a focus on usability. We think it looks great too!


We’ve learned a lot about painting estimation during our time building our previous version, and have tried our best to bring that knowledge to PaintScout. We know that painting estimation is a complicated process – so we’re ready to handle (almost) any scenario your company may come across.


Sometimes change can be scary, but we know our customers are constantly evolving. We think it’s important to evolve right along with them and keep their business moving forward with technology.  Ever since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing an app that’s user-friendly, efficient and accurate. With PaintScout continuously growing, we wanted to create a more unified and recognizable brand identity, that flows throughout all areas of our business. This also means a new support site & blog – both of which we hope you’ll visit for the latest information coming from our team.


Along with this redesign, we’ve aimed to keep established features that our earliest customers love, while also creating more opportunities for PaintScout to grow and connect with other businesses. With the help of the tools we offer, we want our customers to have the confidence to take risks and scale their business. Our new brand identity welcomes this new and exciting step, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are!


After plenty of feedback and countless hours re-working the app, we’ve made some updates that we think you’ll love! Here are a few highlights:


  • New Interface – Our mobile-friendly design is easier to work with.
  • Chatbox – We’ve partnered with Intercom so you can now use the messaging button on the app to contact us directly with questions or to search through help articles to find your answer!
  • Pictures/Videos – Customize and improve your quotes by adding photos or videos (learn more)
  • Save Button – We’ve added in a “Save” button for better data integrity (learn more about why we made this change)
  • Templates – Create templates of quotes you make often, so you don’t have to re-create them! (learn more)
  • New Sidebar – This new feature allows you to easily change quote details, including your Hourly Rate, Discounts, Tax, Subtotal and more! (learn more)
  • Material Pricing – Does your company price products separately? Well lucky for you we now have a feature for that!
  • Exporting Files –Easily export a CSV file of your quotes. Can filter by date range, estimate type and more (learn more)
  • Options Section – List items on your quote as options for your customer to choose from. It separates them from the total and has a better presentation! (learn more)
  • Estimator Notes – We’ve added in a “scratchpad” for estimators to keep track of notes/information they have about their quote.
  • Multiple Quote Types – Do you have a sub-business or seasonal service? With different company information and logo? You can now associate different terms, logos, or company information to different quote types, making it even easier to keep your estimators on the same page (learn more)
  • Accept Quotes On-The-Spot – Customers can now accept and manually sign quotes on-the-spot, for a quicker sales process! (learn more)





Visit our FAQ for Quoter/TapTapQuote Clients for more information on these changes.

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