Video Tutorials

We’ve worked hard to make an entire video tutorial series for you to learn how to customize your account and estimate with PaintScout.


Watch our how-to walkthroughs to get the most out of all the awesome tools and features we have available. We’ll continue to add more videos, so keep checking back or follow us on instagram for updates!

Learn more about painting estimation

Welcome to PaintScout

Take a quick tour of what our paint estimation software is all about!
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Estimates in Minutes

Learn how to build an estimate in just a few minutes!
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Account Settings: Company

Learn how to edit your company contact information, upload your company logo and more!
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Account Settings: Estimates

A quick tutorial of how to adjust the default estimate settings in your account.
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Account Settings: Estimate Types

Learn how to organize your estimate types and add other businesses to your account!
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Account Settings: Customer View/Acceptance

Learn how to turn on virtual signatures for your customers and add disclaimers for them to read before signing.
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Account Settings: Production Rates

This tutorial will give you a full overview of how to add and customize production rates in your account settings. Learn how your prices are calculated!
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Account Settings: Areas

Learn how to add and organize area labels in the settings for more efficient estimate building.
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Account Settings: Line Items

Learn how to create custom preset line items in your settings, which makes building estimates much faster!
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Account Settings: Products

A comprehensive overview of how to add/edit products in your account settings, associate them to production rates, and view them on the quote and work order!
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Account Settings: Terms

Learn how to add your company contract(s), adjust the formatting, and associate them with estimate types.
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Account Settings: Templates

Build custom templates to make the estimate building process faster.
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Account Settings: Contact Sources

Add a list of contact sources to track where your leads came from.
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Your Profile

An overview of how to customize your profile in PaintScout.
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Searching and Exporting Estimates

A quick tutorial about searching for specific estimates, and how to export them as a CSV file.
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PaintScout Chat

This new feature allows you to connect with your clients directly on the estimate.
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PaintScout Auto Follow-ups

PaintScout Auto Follow-ups allows users to set a timeline for an automated follow-up email to be sent to the customer after a Quote or Invoice has been sent or viewed.
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Adding Media

Learn how to add photos and videos to your estimates.
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CompanyCam Integration

Learn how to connect your CompanyCam account with PaintScout.
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PLD Api Key

Find out how to easily integrate your Pipeline Deals account with PaintScout.
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