Not every paint job is meant for you and that’s okay!

Sometimes, the deal just isn’t right. You may not experience it often, but sometimes it’s okay to say no to a client. If the situation doesn’t fit your company’s values, then say no.


Companies don’t understand that saying no doesn’t have to be negative; make it positive. However, it’s essential to be clear and explain your reasoning. When you provide the “why,” it’s easier for the customer to understand the “no.”


Be confident in your decision to turn down business, it’s not easy to do so, but you will grow as a business person.


Here are five times when it’s okay to say no:


  1. When fulfilling their request could cause more harm to your business than good.
  2. When the clients ask is a violation of the contract.
  3. When the client wants something that will hurt their project.
  4. When the clients ask goes against your ethics (this is important).
  5. When the client’s project is outside of your service area.


Overall, we believe that every painting company has the right to say no to customers. Be firm, not harsh, explain why educate and be positive.



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