Everything you wanted to know about saying “no” but were afraid to ask.

As human beings, it’s in our nature to avoid conflict. But in terms of selling, sometimes you have to do the awkward task of saying “no” to potential business. Here’s how you can say no with ease.


We have a few recommendations to make saying no easier. First, intelligent neglect. This is an interesting way to say no, without directly saying no—you could say it softens the blow. You can often say no by sending an apologetic email (we mean, over the top apologetic), stating you are unable to conduct business as they are out of your service area, or that you have removed yourself from the bidding process.


Saying no can be uncomfortable, and sometimes causes tension between you and the client. The most important thing to saying no is explaining why, being positive, and apologizing.


Saying no doesn’t mean you tarnish your relationship with the client; the “no” can be a “no” for now—maybe can be done in the future?


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